About Us


My wife and I have always enjoyed beer. Our tastes were constantly evolving and changing as we experienced more unique
beer from well known brewers in South Florida. It wasn’t until about 2012 when the craft beer industry boom hit SoFlo. It was also about this time that our interest was piqued, and so were our pallets.

With our kids playing soccer, it gave our family the ability to travel to many corners of the American SouthEast. Then about 4 years ago, we started to really think long and hard about opening a spot of our own, but we didn’t know enough about the industry to put together a solid business plan. We (my wife and I) would analyze bars and breweries differently each time we would visit one.

Doing this gave us a lot of information but not enough still to get a business plan together, so I had to jump into the industry to fully understand its intricacies. While I was running my other company, I was working part time at Lauderale as a brand ambassador and bartender. I was also bartending at Oddbreed. These opportunities showed my wife and I the front of the house, as well as operations in the back of the house. The culmination of these experiences lead me to working a 6 month stint as a distribution salesman in Dade county. From there, we felt we had gained enough knowledge and insight to put together a solid business plan and thus The Fat Tap was born.